Park Regis Football Club

Park Regis Football Club

£1 million!!! Talk Sport Predictor League.

By Michael King, 14th Aug 2013

come and join our Talk Sport website and follow their link to the Predictor League. have started a mini league on the Talk Sport Predictor. The league is called Ultimate Park Regis. All you have to do each week is predict the results of all that weeks Premiership games, we all talk the talk let's see who can walk the walk and be The Ultimate Park Regis Predictor!!!!

If we can get as many managers, Park Regis staff, helpers and parents and maybe charge £10 to enter then we can give half to the Ultimate winner and the other half goes towards the running of "Our " club, so if we can get 50 people to enter, someone will win £250 for their £10 investment and Park Regis will also benefit to the tune of £250, maybe we could also get a little trophy to be presented at the presentation evening

I know its short notice but all we need if for people to sign up before Saturday,put their results in and then were off, we can collect the money as we go

Log on to: follow the instructions to Talksport Predictor, fill out your details then go to join mini league. The code to enter the league is FCAAA-QCK

I hope we can get this going.

Enjoy it and let's see who will become THE ULTIMATE PARK REGIS PREDICTOR


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